For almost 50 years I deal with photography. I had my first contact with 10 years of age in a youth hostel with contact prints of plants. This gave me the motivation to go deeper into the matter in a course on enlarging b/w images.
At the age of 15, this course was followed by a photography course. I got my first camera from my father, well-used and widely traveled. It was a Zeiss Ikon that he had traveled with. This camera also served me well with  black and white negative films, and I was happy. Yeah!
At some point the purchase of a photo lab with an M601 enlarger from Durst was due. I was able to develop films and prints by myself. However, it did not come to the enlargement of color pictures because the costs were too high and the development procedure was too sophisticated. Instead, there were experiments with developers, but also with special films, and finally with holographic pictures.
My first self-bought camera was the Canon A1, which soon followed the Minox35GT. Both were extensively used with slide film on many journeys. The jump into digital photography I did with the Canon IXUS compact camera for over DM1000 (€500), which was stolen after a few days. Then various IXUS models and a Canon 5D followed. For the first time, this camera made high-quality pictures that made film no longer necessary. This was the right time to switch completely to digital photography.
Today I own a Canon 5D m4 and a Canon G9X m2 compact camera. The old lab was sold and exchanged against the virtual lab Lightroom, which still fills me with a bit of melancholy.
Nowadays, I usually take pictures while traveling, because I can combine my two passions, “Traveling” and “Photography”. Currently, I try to extend my spectrum to the field of portrait photography, but I also want to give art photography more space.
I was inspired by photographers like Steve McCurry, Andreas Gursky, and Annie Leibovitz, but also by artists like Gerhard Richter, Edward Hopper, and Claude Monet. This selection of names is neither complete nor representative. Presumably, I would have to name a lot of other artists.
Let’s see what will happen in the future ….