Some of my best photos are lost forever!

I had the motive in the viewfinder and pressed the trigger, but the picture does not exist, neither on film nor digital. The photo exists in my head only.

My parents regularly told their friends the anecdote about the defective film in the camera on their honeymoon. They did not realize until photo 60 that something was wrong …. We all laughed a lot, but seemingly and unfortunately I walk from time to time on their footprints. 🙂

I took my best photo in New England, USA. A dreamlike Indian Summer with beautiful colored maple trees, as you have not seen them for 10 years, bright blue sky, milky morning sunlight and a church with some houses made of white painted wood. Perfect. Unfortunately, the picture was the last image on the slide film and was destroyed by the development laboratory. Shit!

In another photo, the battery of my camera was empty and I had no full battery with me. Fortunately I could take photos with my Ixus, but it was not the same.

There were always small “accidents”, a fallen camera, a defective memory card, viruses on the hard disk. Everything happened what could happen. But luckily I lost no further “best photos”!

The photos on this homepage still exist. However, you have now the opportunity to view them.


Rainer Ossenkamp